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CIMC built the first high-rise modular building in Los Angeles, USA


Recently, citizenM DTLA Hotel (citizenM Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, USA) officially opened. The hotel was developed by citizenM, an internationally renowned chain fashion brand hotel, and building modules were supplied by CIMC MBS (CIMC Modular Building Systems). The hotel is the first high-rise modular building in Los Angeles, California, USA, and it is also a successful application of steel-structure modular building in the field of high-rise hotels in high earthquake intensity areas.

The citizenM DTLA Hotel is located in downtown Los Angeles, with 11 floors, a total height of 130 feet (about 40 meters), and 315 hotel rooms. The ground floor is a traditional concrete hotel lobby, and the second to eleventh floors are hotel rooms built with 238 box-type steel structure modules.

The hotel project is located in California and in the Pacific Rim volcanic seismic belt, which belongs to the high earthquake intensity area of the United States, thus it has extremely high requirements for all aspects of building performance. In terms of structure, considering the attributes of the project and the design requirements of local high earthquake intensity, the design team of CIMC MBS (CIMC Modular Building Systems) creatively developed a new steel structure connection mode and steel structure construction technology through in-depth discussion with local structural consultants in the United States.

Zhu Weidong, General Manager of CIMC MBS (CIMC Modular Building Systems), said that the hotel project is not only of great significance to the development of citizenM brand in North America, but also of great significance to the expansion of CIMC MBS business in the United States. Although modular building has been developed in the world, there are still doubts about its seismic performance in high-rise building projects. The Project is an 11-storey building, and the seismic precautionary intensity shall be Grade E (the highest is Grade F), which is equivalent to the domestic precautionary intensity of Grades 8-9. It is the first high-rise modular building project in high earthquake intensity areas in the world and has become a new benchmark in the industry.

Because of special geographical location and high population density, California is famous for its strict building regulations in North America. "Based on the particularity of the Project, the Project must not only meet California building standards, but also meet Los Angeles building standards, and shall be designed and built according to the requirements of LEED Green Building Certification Gold Medal in the United States, which means that even the architectural design, materials, equipment and construction practices of production projects in China must meet relevant American standards." Ma Honglei added that for this purpose, the CIMC MBS (CIMC Modular Building Systems) team has made full preparations in design, material procurement, transportation and on-site hoisting.

As an inevitable trend of building industrialization, modular building conforms to the global green and sustainable development direction. In order to thoroughly implement the environmental protection concepts such as green and sustainable, CIMC MBS (CIMC Modular Building Systems) will strictly screen project materials. While improving product quality and manufacturing efficiency, high precast ratio can greatly reduce material loss and carbon emission, and minimize the impact of noise and fugitive dust on surrounding communities and environment.

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