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The initial order volume exceeded 100 million! CIMC Enric won the bid for the first domestic Chinese Baijiu brewing project "Swellfun Project"


On September 27, CIMC Enric Holdings Limited (referred to as CIMC Enric, stock symbol: 3899. HK), a subsidiary of CIMC, announced that, Zieman Holvrieka Asia Co., Ltd. (Nantong Food), a wholly-owned subsidiary, has won the bid for the Chinese Baijiu Raw Grain Treatment System Order (Swellfun Project) of Swellfun Qionglai Whole Industry Chain Base Project (Phase I), with the Contract Amount exceeding RMB 100 million (RMB, the same below).     

The Project is a cooperation project between Sichuan Swellfun Co., Ltd. and Qionglai Municipal People's Government, which was officially started on May 1, 2020. 350 mu of new construction land is added to the project, with a total investment of RMB 2.5 billion in the first phase, which is mainly used for the construction of grain silo area, grain cleaning and crushing workshop, chaff shell warehouse and chaff steaming workshop, mold culture warehouse and crushing workshop, wine making workshop, indoor filling area, wastewater treatment station, complex building and other related supporting facilities. In the Project, it is planned to build production supporting facilities within 2 years and put them into operation one after another, and formally put them into production within 3 years. After the completion of the project, 20,000 tons of raw wine production capacity and 60,000 tons of base wine storage capacity will be added. CIMC Enric won the bid for EPC (General Contracting) of the raw grain treatment system in Phase I of the Project, mainly including grain unloading, cleaning, storage, crushing, mixing and conveying systems.
CIMC Enric has laid out the global brewing equipment business for many years and acquired many world-renowned beer and spirits brewing engineering enterprises in Europe, has excellent delivery performance and rich experience, and is continuously improving its turnkey engineering capability including Chinese Baijiu market. CIMC Enric is continuously promoting the business layout of multi-category liquid food, grasping the big wave of upgrading and development of equipment industry in domestic Chinese Baijiu industry, focusing on the customer requirements of leading Chinese Baijiu, building demonstration projects, and expanding the market opportunities of equipment and engineering general contracting of RMB 100 billion.

"Swellfun Chinese Baijiu Project" is the first domestic Chinese Baijiu brewing equipment and engineering project harvested by CIMC Enric in China. Yang Xiaohu, Executive Director and General Manager of CIMC Enric, said: "When CIMC Enric consolidates the leading position in brewing and distillation equipment, its Liquid Food Department has been committed to exploring new fields such as Chinese Baijiu to promote revenue diversification. The company won the bid for the "Swellfun Project", which proves that the strength and professional technical level of CIMC Enric have been recognized by well-known domestic Chinese Baijiu enterprises and industry experts, and means that the company has taken an important step in the Chinese Baijiu industry and laid a solid foundation for expanding other Chinese Baijiu-related projects in the future. "

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